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The Monico Bakery-Pastry Shop in Casalpusterlengo, in the Province of Lodi, has its roots in the distant past. First of all, it is located in the precise place where, according to local tradition, the Romans, at the time of the Second Punic War (218 BC), had built the so-called “Ovens” for the preparation of bread with which to feed the armies. There is also evidence of a certain Bernardo Monico, his son Carlo, born in 1852, and a nephew Bernardo Battista Monico (1886-1951), who passed on passion for his work to his sons, Carlo (1909-1981), Marco (1910-1994), Cipriano (1913-1982), and the youngest, Giovanni Battista, known as Nino (1922-1989), the father of Massimo, who still continues the activity of his ancestors on the historic site of the “Ovens”. 

The values that inspire the Monico bakery are represented by a high craft quality that fully respects tradition as well as modernity, by the absolute genuineness of our products, and by the friendliness and hospitality typical of our community. The evolution of tastes and of a greater sensitivity to the nutritional and health aspects of food have led to the emergence of new trends in products that combine flavour with modern dietary needs. The bakery now prepares many new types of bread, with ingredients such as bran, cereals, chia seeds and wholemeal multi-grains. Our strengths are based above all on paying attention to evolving needs and desires. In addition to traditional white breads, we have introduced regional breads such as ciabatta, Apulian bread, bocconcino, Arab bread, baguette and Francesino. 

Likewise, new needs for a range of snacks to eat in the workplace have led to a greater consumption of various types of focaccia, with ingredients such as Genoese pesto, cheese, onion, olives and vegetables, as well as pizza by the slice. Over the years, the bakery has also specialized in pastry. Throughout the year, we make brioches, sweet braids, amor-polenta, plum-cakes, meìn biscuits, doughnuts, pumpkin bread, chocolate cakes, spring cakes, pies, tarts, Casale cake, and more. But a special thing we do is associate a pastry or confection with every festivity and period of the year. Among the special dates and periods to remember are the local festivity of the 17th of January, on which we offer Frittelle di Sant’Antonio, Carnival, leading up to which we offer Chiacchiere and Castagnole, Valentine’s Day, for which we make a heart-shaped cake with whipped cream and strawberries, and the 8th of March, Women’s Day, for which we make Mimosa cake. 

Finally, two specialities deserve to be mentioned, for which the Monico bakery is famous in the Lodi area: Oss da Mord (“bones to bite”), which by popular tradition are also called Ossi dei Morti (“bones of the dead”), since they are eaten between October and the 2nd of November, or All Souls’ Day, when we commemorate our dead; and, for the festivity of San Bartolomeo, the renowned Torta di Casale, a cake filled with pears, apples and peaches or almonds.
Several years ago, with the recognition of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC), we also introduced a great variety of gluten and lactose free products, including breads, pizza, focaccia, tiramisù, profiteroles, ravioli, bread sticks, biscuits, pies, and much more.

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